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With Devon

Psychedelic & Spiritual Ceremony integration
Coaching for Leaders, entrepreneurs, Athletes and celebrities

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This Service is for the emotionally intelligent leader is looking for a deeper understanding after their Psychedelic or deeply spiritual experience.

         How to get lasting results from your       

         Psychedelic Experience

         Experience the Magic of life after a

         psychedelic journey

         Find a stillness and peace that is

         accessible In Your Everyday



"First and foremost I want thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  I am here to serve and support you though this time of incredible growth." 

You can approach these experiences without fear because they leave no room for anything but love and you can bring that into every aspect of your being.


live a more enriched and connected life after experiencing the wonders of a psychedelic ceremony. 

  • find yourself more connected with everything and everyone around you 

  • rediscover that spark inside of you

  • access an Higher knowing and greater self awareness

  • bring this knowing and awareness into your family, relationships, your professional life

  • Move beyond healing and into the mystery and flow of life

I am so grateful for Devon's vision and service as a Board Member with the Colorado Womens Chamber.  Devon has the superpower of creative visionary Steve Jobs with a passion for advancing women in leadership and business.  

- Kristen Blessman


A calm and heart felt path has opened up and allowed me to create more with ease. Devon has helped me find more time, love and joy.   

- JP Flaum

  CEO of Green Peak Partners

If I had to describe Devon in one word, it would be “Magical.” Not only does he bring a grounding energy to every meeting, but he creates a free-flowing space that allows those he is working with to think clearly and creatively. Devon has been there from conception to launch, helping me to develop a steadfast business, a clear vision, and a newfound confidence in myself as a women entrepreneur.

- Monica Michelle

      CEO of Bloom TV & Sweet Fleur Desserts

Program Details

Blurred people mingling

our Goal Together 

My goal is to give you the tips and tricks that are far beyond what is being taught in the everyday world of coaching and mentorship. The subtleties in-between the hard work and day-to-day grind that most people forget about.  Mastery of these little tricks are the true accelerators of company growth.  


i decided to let go of my story and surrender to life, love and my power to be a creator.  Now, I have thriving companies, an investment company, a deliciously loving relationship, incredible friendships,  so much more time in my week and a deeply profound love for my mind, body and soul. 

I had to come to a realization that well-intended individuals who had a desire to share their stories of success with me were sharing their version of how hard life and building business had to be.  I had to take responsibility and own that I accepted their story which is why life and business was so hard, business and competitive. I was choosing to buy into their story which left me alone, busy with bullshit work, stressed and feeling like I was climbing imaginary mountains. 

I set out to connect with the process that creates worlds, the energy that allows the mighty oak to grow from a simple seed.  I knew with all my heart that there was a way to create with ease and flow.  I just needed to ask and it was given.  

"From abundance, I took abundance and still... abundance remains."


What I found was the process of creation and I embraced it with all that I am.  I had to accept every step, especially that which seems to be the hardest of stages in creation... Step 1. I had to fall in love with chaos and embrace it's purpose and message. Step 2. I had to learn to ask powerful questions that birthed from chaos.  Step 3. Listen for those sweet answers to the powerful questions.  Step 4. Play with ideas and innovation that are dancing around and within the answers.  Step 5. Get clear on what ideas I truly know are calling me.  See these ideas a done.  Step 6. Accept the power of stillness and nothingness.  This is the second hardest step.  Out of absolute trust in the stillness i would automatically find... Step 7. Take massive and inspired action!   


"To the mind that is still, the universe surrenders." Lao Tzu

When I became clear on exactly how to harness the power of each of these steps, in this order... the whole game changed and life became powerfully  abundant, full and exceptional. 



be Open

ask powerful questions 

surrender your old story

Embrace the journey

Be willing to accept a paradigm shift 

fully commit to the process


Option A:

$1,111 (2 hour session)

(Crash Course w/ How To's) 

Option B:

$11,111  (90 Day) 
(Complete Shift Life , Relationships and Business)

The Journey

Personality and Purpose Assessments

Accessing Future Self

your clearest and most profound guide 


Business EQ and Asset Drivers 


It’s NOT your baby... it’s your business.. Let it Go and Grow!

Accountability and Grace:

the balance between being held accountable to goals with grace and forgiveness  to the process and journey


Open Minded = Open Doors

masterminding on customer feedback and the market data

The Power Seat:

 the difference between your business driving you and you driving your business.

Bending Time:

Finding and creating time for it all

Pain means

It's time to PLAY &  Innovate

Lighten Up... creation is playtime... we need to stop taking this game of life and business so damn serious

I can't wait to work with you

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