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The Golden Ratio - 1.618
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Why Is 1.618 So Important? The number 1.61803... is better known as the golden ratio, and frequently appears in art, architecture, and natural sciences. It is derived from the Fibonacci series of numbers. From our solar system to the fractal patterns in flowers, there is a sequence to these patterns in all creation.

If there is a pattern that unlocks creation, couldn't there be a way to naturally unlock your power and create the life you desire? 


Life &


Your Guide To Living An Alchemized Life


  • Anxiety into Abundance

  • Chaos into Creativity

  • Empathy into Energy

  • Fear into Fortune

Would you like to know how to create joy, passion and prosperity?


Together we will unlock and tap into your inner trust, guidance and knowing.

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Creating Value, Momentum and Money

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A quick glimpse

Welcome, I'm Devon Kerns

My journey so far...

  • 25 years of business development and entrepreneurship 

  • Over 11,000 hours of leading, teaching, coaching and consulting

  • Leading the vision for 3 Boards and 3 Non-Profit Boards

  • Worked with Political Leaders, Fortune 500 Senior / Exec Leadership, Executive Coaches, Private Equity and more…

  • Founded companies in Investments, Consulting, Fitness and Nutrition, Marketing, Relationships / Dating, Youth Wellness and Education

  • Nonprofit Development with the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and The Lion Project

  • Co-Founder of BloomTV, MadeTV, Amagaya Media, Zeal Remote Living, Social Capital Agency. 

  • Vested Interests in Media, Sustainable Development, 3D Printing of Homes, Advertising, Land Conservation and Restoration, Remote Living and Remote Working. 


My spiritual path so far and it feels like I'm just getting started...

  • 100+ psychedelic experiences

  • Plant Medicine facilitation and education

  • Over 10 years of daily meditation practice

  • Supported 100 people through their spiritual integration in the last 14 months

  • Held individual oracle readings for 400 people

  • Teacher and Contributor To Insight Timer (meditation app)

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Devon's Free 4 Week Program... 
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Join us on this enlightening voyage in November toward a prosperous and spiritually aligned future.  

Together, Let's Thrive Hand-in-Hand for 2024.

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Let's Meet

Feel free to schedule a time to chat by clicking the button below. It will take you to my calendar and allow you to schedule a Zoom Call. 

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