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The Golden Ratio - 1.618
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Why Is 1.618 So Important? The number 1.61803... is better known as the golden ratio, and frequently appears in art, architecture, and natural sciences. From our solar system to the fractal patterns in flowers, there is a sequence to these patterns in all creation.

If there is a pattern that unlocks creation, wouldn't there be a way for you to naturally unlock your power and create the life you desire? 
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Devon Kerns

Dad | Visionary | Founder | Intuitive Guide

Devon Is Your Guide To Living An Alchemized Life.


  • Anxiety into Abundance

  • Chaos into Creativity

  • Empathy into Energy

  • Fear into Fortune

Tools For Support:

  • 90 Day or 6 Month 1 on 1 Sessions w/ Devon

  • Psychedelic Journeys & Therapy  (Ketamine, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, MDMA)

  • Meditation Practices

Would you like to know how to create joy, passion and prosperity?


Together we will unlock and tap into your inner trust, guidance and knowing.

A Few Kind Words

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Denver, CO 80209

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My Journey In Joy

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My Creative Photography

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Insight Timer: Creating Momentum

Click the button below for the PDF Guide Book on the Creating Momentum Series. 

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