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About Devon

Bringing the ethereal into the material. 

Let's create a powerfully aligned life of ease and abundance. 

I am the receiver of life at all times and in all ways. I am the giver of gratitude for all things received. 

My business journey so far...

  • 25 years of business development and entrepreneurship 

  • Over 11,000 hours of leading, teaching, coaching and consulting

  • Leading the vision for 3 Boards and 3 Non-Profit Boards

  • Worked with Political Leaders, Fortune 500 Senior / Exec Leadership, Executive Coaches, Private Equity and more…

  • Founded companies in Investments, Consulting, Fitness and Nutrition, Marketing, Relationships / Dating, Youth Wellness and Education

  • Nonprofit Development with the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and The Lion Project

  • Co-Founder of BloomTV, MadeTV, Amagaya Media, Zeal Remote Living, Social Capital Agency. 

  • Vested Interests in Media, Sustainable Development, 3D Printing of Homes, Advertising, Land Conservation and Restoration, Remote Living and Remote Working. 

My spiritual journey so far and it feels like I'm just getting started...

  • 100+ psychedelic experiences

  • Plant Medicine facilitation and education

  • Over 100,000 minutes of meditation

  • Supported 100 people through their integration in the last 14 months

  • Teacher and Contributor To Insight Timer (meditation app)

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A Few Kind Words

Giving Back

(Causes / Board Seat) 

Colorado Womens

The Lion Project

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All Videos
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BloomTV - Restoring Eden

BloomTV - Restoring Eden

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ZEAL Remote Community - Launch Overview

ZEAL Remote Community - Launch Overview

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BloomTV Restoring Eden Story

I am so grateful for Devon's vision and service as a Board Member with the Colorado Womens Chamber.  Devon has the superpower of creative visionary Steve Jobs with a passion for advancing women in leadership and business.  

- Kristen Blessman
  CEO of CWCC / Pres PBS Colorado

Devon's visionary and spiritual guidance has  supported my healing of heart and body. Learning to create a powerful life with ease versus force. Devon has supported my journey towards more time, love and success.  

- JP Flaum
  CEO of Green Peak Partners / Peak77

If I had to describe Devon in one word, it would be “Magical.” Not only does he bring a grounding energy to every meeting, but he creates a free-flowing space that allows those he is working with to think clearly and creatively. Devon has been there from conception to launch, helping me to develop a steadfast business, a clear vision, and a newfound confidence in myself as a women entrepreneur.

- Monica Michelle
      CEO of Bloom TV & Made TV Network

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